2 Thess. 1 (BS)

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Biblical Exposition - Preparation Worksheet:
“Every text has a structure, every structure has an emphasis, the emphasis shapes the sermon.”
1. How has the author organized the text? Answer this question in two ways: 1) show the author’s structure with sections and verse references, and 2) explain how you arrived at this structure.
What emphasis does the structure reveal?
2. How is the meaning of your text informed by its context?
Answer this question using 1) the immediate context (the closest passages on both sides of your text), 2) the context of the whole book, and 3) the historical context.
3. What is the main idea (or aim) that the author is communicating to his audience? Answer this question with one simple sentence.
4. What are a few ways that your text relates to or anticipates the gospel (i.e., the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ)? How would you incorporate one of these connections into your sermon?
5. What is your primary argument in your sermon?
Answer this question by showing the implications and/or applications for both the unbeliever and the believer.
Why would the author mentioned this?
6. What is your homiletical outline?
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