Exodus 7:19-22; 9:13-16; 11:4-8

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God is holy--powerful, glorious, and gracious beyond compare.

Notes & Transcripts


What characters are in the passage?

Who was the original audience? Context?

The Lord, Yahweh
Pharaoh’s magicians
People of Egypt
People of Israel

Retell the story as a group.

Some say that the plagues correspond to Egyptian gods over whom the Lord was showing His might. Others say that these plagues are related to natural things that happened in flooding seasons. Either of these are acceptable because both give glory to God. Those who connect it to natural things, still acknowledge that the Israelites were spared in these plagues and the Egyptians weren’t.
This first one was against the god Hapi who was kind of the personification of the Nile. This also could have been red algae and red earth mixed up in the river making it undrinkable (this has happened before).
Some translations may mention buckets and jars, but the original text says nothing about buckets and jars.
God had just defeated the main Egyptian god of the sun, and now He is threatening Pharoah himself by taking the life of his firstborn son. This plague is directly aimed at Pharoah who was also seen as a god.
In Egypt, they looked forward to their gods moving about Egypt among them. They do not look forward to the God of Israel doing this.

What does this scripture say about God?

What does this scripture say about Jesus?

What does this scripture say about Mankind?


What were the characters experiencing or feeling?

What do you feel when you read this passage? (Consider your own attitudes or heart toward this passage.)


Are there any commands to follow?

What is the scripture asking us to live/practice in our daily lives?

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