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I’m typing along

Hoping that this doesn’t somehow cause my computer to start using significant energy; since, you know, rendering text is hard work. But, it looks like things are going along smoothly. Activity monitor went from thinking I had 3 hours of battery on a full charge to 8, so, that’s cool. Not really sure where those estimates come from, but something isn’t right. I’m almost up to 9 hours on a 91% charge. That’s incredible, and likely inaccurate.

How about another heading

Hmm, must not have outline view code yet. Oh no! something happened and now Logos is using significant energy :( I wonder if it was the fullscreen mode. Still on the integrated card, down to 8:15 on a 90% charge. If only I had a few hours to kill and see this through. Probably time to open up the profiler.


So, when I start typing, our energy impact fluctuates between High and Low. There is also nothing in between those too values and the meter is on the very bottom of High, so it’s probably fine. Our idle CPU wakes are at about 60-70. Typing, the jump to about 200, which is likely the cause of high energy consumption. Typing in FA only jumps to ~80 wakes, so Sermon is more expensive to type in. Lots of stuff to do. A FA web request jumps to about 150 and this is consistent with speech-to-text listening.
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