A Child is Born

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Notes & Transcripts
Only Jesus provides Clarity, Victory, Security and Unity.
Background on Ahaz and the threats from Samaria and Syria.

Wonderful Counselor

He brings clarity in the midst of our confusion.
Ahaz and the people of Israel were seeking answers from mediums and wizards. They were turning to man’s wisdom and finding it fruitless.
Jesus is the Wisdom of God in the form of our child.
“In Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.”
“Should not a people seek their God?”
What do you seek for direction and clarity in your life?

Mighty God

He provides victory in the midst of our defeat.
Ahaz was a pragmatist, he turned to the gods of the nations around him. He was covering all his bases.
He even copied the altar he found in Syria. (Maybe it is style!)
Jesus is the greatness of God wrapped up in a little baby. “A son is given.”
God’s offering of victory comes by submitting to His Son.
What do you turn to for feelings of victory?

Everlasting Father

He provides Security in the midst of our uncertainty.
Ahaz turned to a greater king, the King of Assyria, for protection from his enemies.
It ended in becoming a servant.
God’s promise was that he would not be wiped out, because Christ was still to come.
Jesus is the immortality of God wrapped in mortal flesh.
He is the only true source of security, because he is the Resurrection and the Life.
What are you looking to for security in this life?

Prince of Peace

He provides peace in the midst of disunity.
Jesus is the offer of peace with God.
Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you.
The world seeks for peace through unity, but there is not peace without first bowing to Christ.
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