When True Worship Happens

Ezekiel: Mystery and Majesty   •  Sermon  •  Submitted
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God has a desire for a relationship.
God made Adam and Eve for a relationship.
God claimed Israel to have a relationship with them.
God sent His son to make a relationship possible.
True worship only happens inside of a relationship.
God declared that one day true
Jesus declares that one day the true worshipers will worship in a perfect relationship. (John 4)
Remember the time context...
Also this relates directly to Israel and the worship God established in the Old Testament...
The Place. (43:13-43:27; 44:4-44: 8)
The dimensions of the altar. (24 x 24 x 15)
The directions for the altar.
What was the point of the sacrifice? (it is a covering)
What was the process for the sacrifice?
Initial Purification.
Continual Offering.
The dwelling of God around the altar. (44:4-8)
The Princes. (44:1-3; 45:7-25; 46:1-18)
Reinstatement of royalty. (44:1-3)
They will sit in a place of honor.
They will sit in a place of responsibility.
Reinstatement of rule.45:7-25)
Reinstatement of righteousness. (46:1-18)
The Priests. (44:9-44:31; 45:1-6; 46:19-24)
The Levites will conduct the temple worship. (44:9-31)
The will do as God commands.
They will keep God’s commands.
The Levites will count on God. (44:24 & 45:1-6)
The people will count on them for service. (44:9-11; 46:19-24)
They will carry out the sacrifices.
They will continue in teaching.
The People. (46:9)
The people will come to worship.
The people will come to wonder.
The people will come according to God’s will.
Where will we be in all of this?
What can we learn about God through all of this?
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