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TEXT: “Therefore we must pay the closer attention to what we have heard, lest we drift away from it” ().
INTRODUCTION: A Christian is either pressing on toward the goal or drifting in many directions, if we drift, we drift away from Him! And we do drift unless we give earnest attention to the direction of our lives. Our text makes us think of a great ship steaming foot by foot to the wharf to be tied up in safety. But no one ties it up. The engines stop running and the great ship is adrift, making it a peril to all other ships and exposing itself to great harm.

I. Discern the drift.

A. Mental laziness. Too lazy:

1. To pray.

2. To read the Bible.

3. To be faithful to the church.

B. Busy-ness.

C. The “love of money.”

D. Sex perversion.

E. Worldliness, as the Bible understands worldliness.

II. Stop the drift.

A. Pray.

1. For eyes to see.

2. For ears to hear.

3. For a heart to respond.

B. Read your Bible.

C. Yield unceasingly to the Holy Spirit.

CONCLUSION: Give earnest heed to what you hear and have heard. “Forgetting the things that are behind,” press on! ().
E. F. Hallock, Bible-Centered Sermon Starters, Dollar Sermon Library Series (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House, 1974), 57–58.
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