Count Your Blessings 04: They Shall Be Satisfied

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Notes & Transcripts
gf. - 30min
1. Hunger and thirst for righteousness
a) Intense longing of someone starving, desperate
(1) Vividly express desire
(2) Not a genteel hunger satisfiable by a midmorning snack
b) Righteousness: right behavior before God
(1) Must realize our lack in this, not boast of righteous accomplishments
(2) See 1:19; 3:15; 5:10,20,45; 6:1,33
(3) We seek wrong things
(a) Grab for anything that promises to fill emptiness
(b) Looks delicious and inviting, but like cotton candy
(c) Doesn’t nourish or fill
(d) Like real happiness, Spirit’s power, witnessing skills
(e) Don’t spoil spiritual appetite with some experience
c) We ought never to be content with our spiritual condition
(1) Must ever be sought; never in the grasp
(2) Avoid things which spoil spiritual appetite
(3) What about our assembling, study, prayer
d) They do not achieve, God fulfills their longing and will not disappoint
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