Week 3 - Scatter

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We exist to help people find and follow Jesus by doing 3 things:
Gather | Scatter | Multiply
We Gather - into Gospel-center community
To grow in relationship with Christ and others as we worship, celebrate, discuss, learn from the Scriptures and serve all within the context of our Tribe.
We Scatter - to live on Mission in our everyday lives
We choose to use our God-given gifts to serve those in the local church, our community and the world, allowing Jesus to use us to continue his Gospel mission.
We Multiply - by making disciples who become disciple makers
Our missional living will reap a harvest of new people finding Jesus, being baptized and being equipped to reach their communities for Christ. This happens as we ourselves are being discipled and as we also disciple those who are around us.
We can’t just stay here anymore.
We must be a Scattering church…we get caught too often in just wanting to Gather. Just receive, just consume, just watch. No where in the Scriptures does God gather without a purpose. Our Gathering is to point us to our mission…to Scatter and Multiply.
We have a growing problem in churches today…We as pastors often want to preach to thousands but don’t desire to pastor/disciple thousands. In fact, it is impossible for a staff of a few to truly disciple thousands.
And, we create a system where we can preach to a bunch of people…and expect very little of them. Which is great because we live in a culture that would rather consume than create.
So we build bigger churches…or add campuses…and create systems which all have the best intentions in mind.
But then you read the Scriptures and begin to notice Jesus’ ministry looks much less like a system and much more like a dinner, a relationship, a need met, a conversation...
Invitation / Challenge on board
How we Scatter
The local church
The community
The world (missions)
To Scatter we must be a sending church
Raising up elders/pastors/worship leaders who go help lead other churches.
Goodbye for the Gospel is always the right thing
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