From Difficulty to Deliverance

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I. When you know your difficulty will result in deliverance you can rejoice. (Vv 18b-19)

Philippians 1:19 NASB95
for I know that this will turn out for my deliverance through your prayers and the provision of the Spirit of Jesus Christ,

II. You can know your difficulty will result in deliverance when you honor Christ. (V 20)

III. Dependence on prayer and the Holy Spirit helps you honor Christ. (V 19)

Big Idea: When you honor Christ you can rejoice knowing your difficulty will result in deliverance.

Study Guide
How do you think the idea of rejoicing in difficulty sounds to the average person? How might you explain this response?
What separates Paul’s confidence from arrogance? How can that be a lesson for followers of Christ today?
When Paul says his situation “will turn out for my deliverance” is that a guarantee his imprisonment will end with his release? If not, how can he be confident of his deliverance? What’s the lesson for believers today?
Is Paul’s “eager expectation and hope” different from that of most people who are facing difficulty? How so? Where does his expectation and hope come from?
Read . How can this verse keep us from misunderstanding what Paul meant when he said, “I will not at all be ashamed”?
Read . How does Paul provide an example of what it means to honor Christ with your life even in the midst of difficulty? How can we follow His example?
How do we normally pray for fellow Christians when they are facing difficulty? Based on these verses, should we alter our prayers in any way? How? Why?
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