The Second Warning

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Lesson 7

Hebrews 3.7-19

3. (3.1-4.13) The Son is shown to be more excellent than Moses


a. (3.1-6) Jesus faithfully mediates the New Covenant just as Moses faithfully mediated the Old, but Jesus is as a Son over God’s household, While Moses was a servant within that household.

b. (3.7-4.7) Exhortation to follow Jesus into the rest of God is combined with a warning against following the example of the wilderness generation in falling short through unbelief and disobedience. The Second Warning (3.7-19); The Third Warning (4.1-11)

c. (4.8-13) The promise of God’s rest for his people was not exhausted by the entry into Canaan under Joshua. There remains available a Sabbath-rest today.



I.   The Second Warning


“Wherefore” the conjunction gives the conclusion to the argument for the superiority  of Christ over Moses, and introduces a warning to the readers.

The conjunction (dio) appears nine times throughout this epistle: 3.7,10; 6.1; 10.5; 11.12, 16; 12.12, 28; 13.12.


A.     The Appeal (3.7-8a)

1.      Its Source

2.      Its Context

3.      Its Nature

B.     The Historical Illustration (3.8b-11)

1.      The sin of Israel

2.      The response of God

C.     The Appeal Restated (3.12-19)

1.      Take heed - v.12

2.      Exhort - v.13

3.      Hold fast - v.14

4.      Harden not - vv.15-17

5.      Believe - vv.18-19

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