A Temple Made Clean

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Text: John 2:13-22


  • A Temple is a Place fit for God's presence
  • A Temple is a place fashioned for God's purpose
  • A Temple is a place full of God's Power

I.       Pollution in the Temple is Degrading to Jesus

A.   Because the Worship of God is compromised

One cannot worship God and Mammon (riches)

B.   Because the Character of God is compromised

The character of God is compromised when those claiming a place in the Temple do not reflect it.

II.    Purity in the Temple is Demanded by Jesus.

A.   Demanding Singular Use for God

The church is not to be used for personal gain.

B.   Demanding sole Ownership by God

It is not our Temple, it is God's.

III.  Power in the Temple is Displayed by Jesus.

A.   By His Determination to Cleanse the Temple

A crusader for righteousness -  A zealous supporter of righteousness

B.   By His Authority to Cleanse the Temple

God validated His authority over the Temple through the resurrection.

C.   By His Ability to Cleanse the Temple

His Sacrifice is powerful enough to cleanse us from all of sins pollution. This power over sin is proven by the resurrection.


Are you a temple fit for God? Is it worthy of His presence? Is it molded for His purposes? Is your life yielded to His power to cleanse, or are you operating under your own steam and direction?

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