Shadows Of Heaven

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Hebrews 8:1-5The Holy Bible, New International Version

Hebrews 8:5 (NIV)
5They serve at a sanctuary that is a copy and shadow of what is in heaven. This is why Moses was warned when he was about to build the tabernacle: “See to it that you make everything according to the pattern shown you on the mountain.”



God wants us to be able to envision heaven. What do you see in your mind when you picture heaven?

I.                  An Accurate Representation

A.    How heaven is represented

B.     How people perceive it

II.               An Actual Place

A.    Better than the representation on earth

B.     Better than we can realize in our minds

III.           An Admirable Aspiration

A.    Follow After Jesus

B.      Fellowship of  Strength

Conclusion: Can you imagine heaven? You really can't, but God is concerned that the reality be represented in ways that we can see a glimpse of  the reality. If we get a true picture of the reality, we will be inspired to follow Jesus to where He is, and join each other in mutual support to make the journey. (Heb. 10:19-25)

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