Building a Culture of Service 1

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"Building a Culture of Service"

  Various Scriptures

  Wednesday, July 19, 2000


·         People and churches choose between 2 basic choices:     a culture of _____________ or a culture of ___________________.


·         What do you think is the difference between these 2 ways of thinking, feeling, and acting?

·         What are the enemies of a culture of service?

1.      Our Lives Are to Be Characterized By _____________________ Service (Matthew 20:20-28)





2.      The Core of Our Relationship With God and Our Growth as a Church is _________________, Not ______________________.      (Mark 7:1-15)





3.      People Who Need Christ Will Be Drawn to the Lord as They See Us _________________ Each Other 

     (John 13:34-35)





4.      A Servant Heart, Attitude, and Way of Living Are Not ________________  -- Only the Holy Spirit Can Change Us and __________________ Us For That Kind of Living   (Acts 1:8)





Evaluating The Crossroads Culture


1.      Do we go out of our way to serve each other (and strangers who come in the doors)?


2.      Do we give to each other beyond normal expectations?


3.      Do we exhibit a spirit of generosity toward others?


4.      Are we only willing to serve in our "primary gift" area, or will we pitch in to help in other areas because we're family?


5.      Do newcomers feel a spirit of love and care?


6.       When it comes to our Sunday morning worship and our personal preferences for how a church functions, do I expect it to be done my way or the way that will most effectively reach spiritually lost people?






Something To Think About


"A church's culture affects practically

Everything that church does."




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