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JOURNEY OF THE HEART:   Winning the Temptation Battles

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Matthew 4:1-4                "Fatal Distractions"        reality of various things we "hunger" for;

probably a focus on sexual temptation & purity;  how God's words give us the resources for saying "no" to temptation. Will God provide?

Matthew 4:5-7                "Star Search"                our search for significance;  how Satan

convinces us to leave the place God has taken us and do things we wouldn't normally do, in order to gain attention, affirmation, and applause.  How God's recognition & approval are enough to keep us going & serving.  Will God protect?

Matthew 4:8-11              "God-Chasers"              our choice about whom life gets centered

around;  what happens when we give away what belongs only to God -- worship.  What price are you willing to pay to achieve your dream?

DEALING WITH STRESS:   How Jesus Can Teach Us to Relax


                                    "The Obedience Factor"

                                                                        How the simple knowledge that you are doing

what you are supposed to be doing, can free

you from fear and stress.

                                    "The Perspective Factor"

                                                                        How learning about God's "bigger picture"

framework for operating can free us from confusion and stress over what's going on right this minute.

                                    "The Prayer Factor"

Jesus' example to us is conversation with the Father as a daily habit, but also as an obvious source of strength during intense times of stress.

GETTING OUT OF THE BOAT:   Secrets of the Water-Walkers

Matthew 14:20-33          "Walk on Water -- Experiencing the Miraculous"  

acting on your convictions; willingness to get

"wet"; Jesus challenging our comfortable & safe


                                    "Brave Hearts"               the courageous; picturing the unseen; dreams

from God; perseverance

"Being Fully Human"      how God uses the imperfect;  how failure,

vulnerability, fragility and risk-taking do not disqualify us from a relationship or from being used by God.

                                    "Going Deeper"             we are created for intimacy; why bonding with

God is critical; what keeps us from intimacy; recapturing our passion for God; how to make God smile.

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