Possible Series 2

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Ken Thompson - speaker





Ken Dalton - speaker

Luke 24:32; 18:41          "Your Wildest Dreams"

                                                                        What makes your heart burn?  Your passion.

If you could ask God to do one thing in/for you (without money, time, or people's opinions being a factor), what would it be?


John Essick - speaker






GETTING OUT OF THE BOAT:   Secrets of the Water-Walkers

Matthew 14:20-33          "Walk on Water -- Brave Hearts"

acting on your convictions; willingness to get

"wet"; Jesus challenging our comfortable & safe

lives; the courageous; picturing the unseen; perseverance

"Being Fully Human"      how God uses the imperfect;  how failure,

vulnerability, fragility and risk-taking do not disqualify us from a relationship or from being used by God.

                                    "Going Deeper"             we are created for intimacy; why bonding with

God is critical; what keeps us from intimacy; recapturing our passion for God; how to make God smile.

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