Spirits That Will Destroy Spiritual Passion

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4 Spirits That Will Destroy Spiritual Passion

1.      The Competitive Spirit – we are either not on the same team or we are competing for a limited number of starting positions on the same team.

            We are called to relationship together. We become partners, confidence

                        builders, or competitors.

            3 John 9

            We have been raised in a very competitive society: kids/adults

            Spend more and more time looking sideways and less time looking upwards

                        and ahead to what God has for us.

            Henri Nouwen story

            John 21:21,22

            Phil. 1:15-17

            *Oscar Wilde story

2.      The Critical Spirit – see the negative\bad

            Gal. 5:15

            Heb. 12:15

3.      The Vain Spirit – Insatiable need to impress people in order to have them like us.

            Luke 9:46-48

            The more I try to find my acceptance in people, the less I will feel it comes from God.

Matthew 6:33

James Denny – “No man can bear witness to Christ and to himself at the same time. No man can give the impression that he is clever and that Christ is mighty to save.”

4.      The Adversarial Spirit – how do we respond to those who are critical


            Prov. 15:12

            Prov. 23:23

            Prov. 27:6

Spiritual passion cannot coexist with hatred



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