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Text: Luke 17.11-19


Thesis: To stress the importance of being thankful to God for His blessings so that we

              may be truly healed.



(1)    Thanksgiving upcoming – For what are you thankful?

(2)    In the story of the 10 lepers, only 1 returned to thank Jesus.

(3)    We need to learn to thank God daily for what He does for us.

(4)    Let us note 3 reasons why we should be thankful from our text:


I.                    We should be thankful because we serve an Approachable God.

A.     Jesus was willing to hear the request of the lepers.

B.     He is willing to hear our requests.

II.                 We should be thankful because we serve a Merciful God.

A.     Jesus was merciful to the lepers and gave them a way to be healed.

B.     Jesus is merciful to us and gives us a way to be healed.

III.               We should be thankful because we serve a Healing God.

A.     When the lepers did what Jesus asked of them, He then healed them.

B.     When we do what Jesus asks of us, He then heals us.


A.     God has blessed us, is blessing us, and will bless us in ways that we cannot imagine.

B.     As we experience these blessings, let us be sure to be grateful.

C.     Thanksgiving is a mark of genuine faith!

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