A Sensible Work Ethic

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Today’s Focus

Model Christians create a sensible work ethic.

I. Since the Thessalonians were good stewards, they became Model Christians.
A. The three foundational qualities they displayed were: (cf. New Bible Commentary: 21st Century Edition) (I Th. 1.3) 

1.       Faith

2.       Love

3.       Hope
B. They were able to witness to non-Christians and influence other Christians (I Th. 1.7-8).
C.      Paul want the Thessalonian Christians to: (I Th. 4.11) 

1.       a quiet life

2.       mind their own business

3.       work with their hands
II. We can be model Christians by having a sensible work ethic.
A. If I work as if I’m working for the Lord:

 i. I’ll be more likely to be honest.

ii. I’ll be less likely to plagiarize, and be more innovative.

iii. I’ll be more likely to use my time more wisely.

iv. I’ll be more likely to observe a day rest.
III. Having a good work ethic enables Christians to influence others.
IV. People who have a good work ethic use their gifts and skills.

A. In the end, you're measured not by how much you undertake but by what you finally accomplish. Donald Trump
B. Wayne Cordeiro provides these insightful thoughts:

i. 85% of what you do, anyone can do.

ii. 10% of what you do can be delegated to those with a modicum of expertise.

iii. There is 5% of what you do that only YOU can do.
C. According to the Power of Positive Students (POPS) Center (1998) in Denver, Colorado; they, "reported that only three in one hundred people write their goals," and the people who actually write them down will "achieve at least 50% more than those who do not" (p. 190 Mangieri and Block).

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