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Lesson Notes:

Topic/Theme: Contentment
Title: Being Content in aWorld That Is Full of Suffering and Unhappiness?
Homiletical Idea: It is God who empowers us contentment, even through our hardships.
Pithy Statement: Contentment comes from God alone.
Further Questions: The issue of depression, sales people have to create a need, preachers have to create a need for people to want to listen.
Notes: I talked about these issues through the lesson

1) Think positive, use the plant illustration, handicapped, and Joni Erikson

2) Prayer is accepting the issue, the danger of giving and taking and giving back, (I could have been more clearer on that)

3) Rich Christians have the gift to be sucessful, they are good stewards, and if everything was taken away they would be fine. I also looked at the lottery issue to further explain the issue.I look at Job, and it is his acceptance with God that gives him peace, and not about blessing, just imagine if Christians gave 10%, how it could advance the kingdom

4) Complaining is going to the negative, we are to think positive

6) I began with the misuse of scipture 

7) The difference of needs and wants

Lesson Outline

Today’s Focus

It is God who empowers us with contentment, even through our hardships.
I. It is God who empowers us with contentment. Here are five virtues that Paul wants the Philippian Christians to do, in order to help them attain the virtue.

1. Always Rejoice (4.4)

2. Be considerate (be aware of what you are doing) (4.5)

3. Pray (4.6-7)

4. Think Positive (4.8)

5. Learn to be contentment (4.11-14) 
II. Contentment is being completely satisfied with what you have, knowing that it is God alone who gives the strength to help us carry on through the days to come, even through the most severe hardships life can bring.
A. America is an affluent country and I would have to say it’s truly difficult for people to be confused with comfortableness and true ‘Christ-like’ contentment, as America surrounds itself with consumer of products, telling them that their life is not satisfied unless they buy their product. Yet, finding contentment though something else other than Jesus Christ is flirting with idolatry, if not considered to be idolatry itself.
B. There are the people that they are like the rich man who comes to Christ and asks him, what am I suppose to do to enter the kingdom of heaven, and Christ tells the rich man to sell everything he has, and follow him (Matthew 19.15-26).
III. How can we pursue contentment in this world that is full of suffering and unhappiness?

A. We are to remember that Paul received contentment through the empowerment of Jesus Christ.

B. Look at our brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering, yet find contentment.

C. We need to realize that it is a learned behavior. It is an attitude rather than a feeling. It is mindset on willing to constantly rely on God in providing the strength to get through the days to come, even through the most difficult times in life. 

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