Go Boldly To the Throne

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 Lesson Notes:

Topic/Theme: Grace, Prayer, anxiety, worries
Title: Entering God’s Presence with Boldness
Text: Hebrews 4.1-16
Audience: Yedarm English Bible Study
Other: It might be wise to put the poem before or after the lesson. I should be more prepare to give some advice in how to help people cope with anxiety. It would be good to use the Serindipity Prayer"

Lesson Outline

Diving in: Reading the Text

Hebrews 4

Today’s Focus

We can have peace and boldly come to the throne of grace because of Jesus.
/Outline of the Lesson:
I. Let’s discuss these group questions.*
A. Why do some non-Christians and Christians alike feel restless?
B. What is God’s rest like?
C. What type of rest is he referring to?
D. How does a Christian acquire such peace? Here's a poem I had written:

“and for what? i ask”

the world is
full of lies, is deceitful, and
absorbed in apathy

and for what? i ask.

people fill, store, take, steal,
envy for the things of this world

and for what i ask?

to want more until death
to always have a craving inside saying
"i want that"

why does humanity chase after the world?
trying to prepare a home in
the adversary's realm

our creator would tell us to chase after
heavenly things

and for what? i ask.

to find eternal love
to know life is more than fleeting material
to comprehend that in a broken world
with roaming shattered hearts
and hurt lives we have been SAVED
by the one true GOD

who decided upon himself to live
within the same world of
hate and lies
and scattered minds

and for what? i ask.

to know with only a belief of
hope... life has just begun
R. Aaron Krueger

E. Why are we able to enter into God's presence at anytime?
F. Does God hear non-Christian prayers?
II. Bill Hybels provides a healthy prayer method.
A. Adoration
B. Confession
C. Thanksgiving
D. Supplication


Notes: Phobia list and qusetions are in this lesson.  

When Christ provided himself as the payment for our salvation, it gave us the ability to enter God’s presence with an unwavering confidence. Therefore, we are able to come to God with all our fears, hopes, dreams, needs, desires and anxieties with confidence. 

The opposite of confidence is fear (cf. Hebrews 4.1-3), and is a reality that non-Christians have to confront on a daily basis. Since non-Christians fear God, this creates restlessness inside them. As a result, they attempt to replace their fears and anxieties by means of people, objects or experiences, yet when the day is finished, they continue to have restlessness inside them, which only Christ can truly replace. Thus, non-believers continue to live in anger, turmoil and frustration, and are unable to acquire the true peace that God can only provide through his son Jesus Christ. I believe that Christians also the same difficulty; however, the good news is that they can rest in God with confidence. Because of Christ, they can come to God with everything they have, and God will listen.

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