Leaders Have Humility and Integrity

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Homiletical Idea: Christian leaders humbly serve and live with integrity.

Other: I often if I've called myself to to the ministry. I mentioned the issue of the pastor's ordination under the issue of reconignition. The idea that people with good intentions, their power can go worse. I used the funny joke about a man helping a lady cross the street, and she hits him with the bag. Help anyway.

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Outline of the Lesson:
I. Leaders are to be servants.
A. Three different motives contrary to Jesus’ example.

i. The lust for control can be motivation.

ii. The lust for greed can be motivation.

iii. The lust for status can be motivation.
B. The desire to humbly serve without recognition can be motivation.

i. Jesus is the ideal servant leader.

ii. Mother Teresa: I try to give to the poor people for love what the rich could get for money. No, I wouldn't touch a leper for a thousand pounds; yet I willingly cure him for the love of God.
II. Leaders live with integrity.
A. The Pharisees were hypocrites.
B. Christian leaders have a transparent relationship with God.

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S- Why does Peter exhort the leaders?

C- Peter exhorts the leaders, in order that, they may receive the crown of unfading glory.

CI- Leaders live by these standards to receive the crown of unfading glory.

HI- The leaders in the church should live by these standards, so that, they may receive the crown of unfading glory.

P- The purpose is to have Biblical leaders in the church lead by these standards.

Sermon MSS

I. Introduction
[I am going to wear a suit. The purpose is look like business man.]

It seems like a lot of people want to have the corner office with the large window with the label "Vice President" on their door. Yet, it seems some of the people are motivated for the wrong reasons. There are people who are in leadership for the reason to (1) control power. The leaders are considered to be control freaks, feeling as if their manipulative power will bring wonder in the work place. There are people who may go into power (2) due to greed. It is greed that controls their decisions if they will lead or not. Then there are some people who go into leadership for the (3) esteemed status it will give them.

However, Peter exhorts the leaders in the churches of Asia as a fellow leader himself, telling them that they need to lead willingly, with eagerness, and by example. Let us read the text I Peter 5:1-4.
II. The leadership Standards for elders of the church are to serve the church willingly, eagerly, and by example.
A. Leaders Are To Lead the Flock Willingly and With Eagerness.
Leaders are to serve willing and eagerly.

1) There needs to be disclaimer. The reader needs to understand the context of this letter. Peter is writing to suffering Christians. Some scholars believe it was during the reign of Nero who is the Emperor who blamed the Christians for burning down Rome and persecuted them for that lie. There are many Christians during this time who were being persecuted for their belief in Christ. They were suffering. Yet, the key message Peter is trying to tell his audience is that heaven is their home.

When we take look at chapter 5; Peter is telling the leaders they are live by these standards, even in their current circumstances.

2) Peter writes: -"not because you must, but because you are willingly as God wants you to be, not [to be] greedy for money, but eager to serve.."

a. I need to explain my theology of how we serve according to God's will. We show the colors of Christ when we serve willingly and eagerly.

a1. When we are leaders, the attitude needs to be of a servant, instead of the attitude of obligation. One of my philosophies I have developed is the philosophy that people need to love God, in order to love people. Let me illustrate, Christians are like a prism. A prism is unable to show the colors if they are away from the light. I believe a person who continues to love God are able show the light of servant hood.

When Christians are under the light of God they serve willingly out of the love of Christ, instead of obligation.

b. Christ as a servant here on earth.

b1. In Philippians 2:7 Paul is explaining Jesus "made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant being made in human likeness." Jesus was a servant to others. Jesus himself said, "For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life for a ransom for many."

b2. Matthew writes that Jesus had compassion on the crowd of people even though he was tired and wanted to go to a remote place. Jesus continued heal the sick from the crowd, due to his loving compassion for the people.

[Take off the suit jacket. Put on a dirty apron, loosen my tie and roll up my sleeves.]

Sometimes we need to serve others willingly even though we are tired and would rather rest. We are to be leaders like Christ. We sometimes need to get ourselves dirty. We need to put on the apron and roll up our sleeves.

T. We live by these standards to receive the crown of unfading glory

c. Christ said, that man cannot serve both God and money. We are called as leaders of the church to serve God according to his will; according to his truth. We are to serve as the image of Christ. We are to serve with eagerness, with passion and desire.

T. We live by these standards to receive the crown of unfading glory.
B. Leaders Are To Lead the Flock by Example.

1) The issue of integrity. Peter writes, be "examples of the flocks."

a. My experience in eating an apple.

[Have an apple ready to show to illustrate the example.]

a1. One day I had a professor give an illustration on the day he had eaten an apple that looked crisp and red inside. It looked almost perfect. The kind of apple you would see on the commercials in television. He explained that he had bit into the apple and it was rotten to the core. He was relating it to the message of the seven woes given by Jesus. A few years later after hearing that sermon, this same experience also happened to me. It was from the cafeteria, so do not tell Larry about this experience. But I had taken this nice, red, juicy apple, and took a bite into it. The apple rotten to the core. It was not satisfying to eat anymore.

I would like to relate this story to how we are live by example. As leaders we are to have integrity in our lives according to God's will.

a2. I find it impossible for true leaders in the view God's will to separate their lifestyles between how they live at home and their leadership in the church. The lifestyle they present at the church should be the same as the lifestyle presented outside the church. For God says, "be holy because I am holy."

b. Peter earlier in his letter tells his audience to live Holy lives, for God is Holy. He was telling the Christians to separate themselves from the lifestyles of the world, ridding themselves of "deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander." If you want to see more how illustrations in how to live by example. It is all in the first chapter of I Peter.

T. We live by these standards to receive the crown of unfading glory

III. We live by these standards to receive the crown of unfading glory. We are doing it for the sake of the Lord. We are working for the Lord.

It seems that a lot of people want the corner office with the window.

T. We live by these standards to receive the crown of unfading glory

Peter tells his leaders that they are to be servant leaders over-looking the flock, living by the standards with willingness, eagerness, and by example. The reason he is exhorting the elders to lead by these standards is because even through their suffering they are going to receive a crown of unfading glory. The metaphor is that the leaders of the flock are going to receive a crown when Christ returns.

T. We live by these standards to receive the crown of unfading glory

Leaders of the church are to lead for the Lord, instead of doing it for money. They are to be motivated for God, instead of feeling obligated. They are to be leaders of the church for the sake of God.

T. We live by these standards to receive the crown of unfading glory [2X's]

[Take off the apron, tighten up the tie and put on the suit jacket.]

We ourselves who are called to be leaders in the church are to live by the same standards for we will receive the crown of unfading glory. We will receive the corner office with the window for eternity when the Lord returns.

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