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Doctrine of Gaia

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Complicating things further is the emergence of the doctrine of Gaia, most famously represented in Rosemary Ruether’s book. Ruether, a Catholic feminist theologian, argues that male domination of women and male domination of nature are interconnected. She defines sin as wrong relationships among people and between humans and the rest of nature. These distorted relationships foster not just economic and political injustice, racism, and sexism, but also threaten the destruction of the entire created order. The Gaia hypothesis holds that our planet is a living creature. The theory, in fact, imputes a kind of divine power to earth. Respect for the planet is the key to restoring the right relationships destroyed by male dominion.

Source: James P. Eckman, Biblical Ethics : Choosing Right in a World Gone Wrong, Biblical essentials series (Wheaton, Ill.: Crossway Books, 2004). 88.

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