Youth and Enviroment

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One of the the facinating things I liked to research about in Highschool was about illegal poaching, and I definintely talk about this when in reference to God reconciling this world at the end times, but it is the Christian's duty to be a steward of this earth. The danger of course is when people focus on the earth too much.

WEF also notes that they youth have the most concern about the enviroment. It writes:

Because they will be around the longest, young people should (and often do) have a special interest in the care of creation. This special interest of the young requires the development of a robust environmental apologetic to be made available to youth and youth ministries. A commitment to evangelism is integral to efforts to care for creation and vice versa. Young Christians need not only to be equipped with evangelistic materials, but to be given practical teaching on issues of lifestyle, as well as opportunities to express their care of creation in a meaningful way. “Whose Earth”, the Spring Harvest initiative in association with TEAR Fund, is a model which has attempted to meet these goals in the United Kingdom.

Source Bong Rin Ro and World Evangelical Fellowship. Theological Commission, Evangelical Christianity and the Environment, electronic ed., Logos Library System; Outreach and Identity (Seoul: World Evangelical Fellowship Theological Commission, 2000, c1993).

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