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Free Will

I. Gould

Paradox- Does and doesn't matter

A. Laplace--French, Determinist, Cosmologist

   1) believed that if everything was known then he would be able to determine everything.          

   2) didn't know the complexity of the natural laws

   3) Laplace's 'Boast'

      a. there is no choice, everything is destined

      b. he wrote five vols. on this topic

B. Gould believes that there is randomness in the world. He is not a determinist. Scientist "pray" to have randomness.

      1) Ontological Random Universe laws change

            a.  people are not in control

            b. limits both extreme freedoms 

II.  Cox

   A. Freedom and destiny-- Destiny means that there are certain things people cannot choose, such time when they were born, gender, how they were made.  That is there destiny.

   B.  Freedom

       1) Christ died by free will (voluntarily)

      2) We have responsibility

   C.  Destiny

      1) It is the material where freedom arises

         a.  for exp.  gender, place, the things that cannot be changed

   D. The process of Decision  Making      

      1) deliberation

      2) Decision

      3) Responsibility

III.  Dershowitz

   A.  human kind is unpredictable

   B. personal free will?

      1) God harden pharaoh's heart

      2) Adam and Eve had choice in not eating the fruit

      3) Should excuses used in saying "I am a victim"

   C.  Battered Woman Syndrome

    out of all the wives who have killed their husbands only 1% of the women had the Batter Women syndrome


IV.  Response

   A.  Gould believed that constraints are opportunities

  B.  Dershowitz - A person who had the Alzheimer's disease hugged a boy and not realizing it smothered the boy to death.  Was he responsible?  Before that happened was a law abiding citizen.

   C.  Cox believes that Christianity is his destiny

         " Israelites were in the desert for 40 years due to their habits of being slaves.  That is why it took them so long.

   D.  Dershowitz- believes that habits free ourselves

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