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monergism, n. DRAFT REVISION Sept. 2002     

Theol. rare. Brit. /mndz()m/, U.S. /mnrdz()m/  [< MONO- + ancient Greek work (see ERG n.1) + -ISM, prob. after German Monergismus, itself after Synergismus SYNERGISM n. Cf. earlier MONERGIST n. and a., MONERGISTIC a.
  In sense 2 app. used mistakenly for MONENERGISM n.

    1. The doctrine that regeneration is the work of the Holy Spirit alone. Opposed to SYNERGISM n. 1.
  1890 Cent. Dict. 3831/2 Monergism, in theol., the doctrine that the Holy Spirit is the only efficient agent in regeneration. 1911 P. S Life & Lett. M. Luther xviii. 208 [Luther's] determinism is..simply and solely the logical deduction from his doctrine of justification by faith alone, or, as it is technically called, of the monergism of grace. 1928 Philos. Rev. 37 391 In this matter [sc. free will] the Jesuits bore away a victory over the Dominican and Jansenist champions of the monergism of grace. 1967 D. T. K Dict. Religious Terms 316/1 Monergism, belief in regeneration by God alone, with no human cooperation. 1989 Conc. Dict. Christian Trad. 369/1 This teaching [sc. synergism] was advocated by Melanchthon in the synergistic controversy within Lutheranism, 1550-1577. It contrasts with monergism.

    2. = MONENERGISM n. rare.
  1907 in N.E.D. 1966 R. BARR Main Currents Early Christ. Thought vi. 112 The heresy is to be called monergism, or monothelitism,depending upon whether one refers to Christ's activities in general or to his will-acts in particular.

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