Teetotal Society

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Early in "Hard Times," Dickens gives a description of Coketown. In the quote below, it's about religious people wanting the society to be sober.

there was a native organization in Coketown itself, whose members make these people religious by main force. Then came the Teetotal Society, who complained that these same people would get drunk, and showed in tabular statments that they did get drunk and proved at tea parties that no inducement, human or Divine (except a medal), would induce them to forgo their custom of getting drunk.

Teetotal Society: organizations which sought to curtail the prvalence of alcoholic neverages were actove amd vocal during nineteenth century. Doickens frequently responded by arguing that drunkeness was more often the result than the cuse of meisery, and that the principle 'since some abuse, none shall use' was absurd   (The Greate Drunkery Discoery', All Year Round, NS, 2 [31 July 1869], 204-209. See Biran Harrison, Drink and the Victorious: The Temperance Question in England 1815-1872 (London; Faver and Faber, 1971). 

Source: Hard Times pg 30 and Footnotes p. 412-413 by John Ewart Robertson

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