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ish, adv. DRAFT ENTRY Sept. 2003  

colloq. Brit. //, U.S. //  [< -ISH1.] 

    Qualifying a previous statement or description, esp. as a conversational rejoinder: almost, in a way, partially, vaguely.
  1986 Sunday Times 19 Oct. (Review section) 51/8 One of those neatly crafted middle-brow plays which, because they have a pleasantly happy ending (well, ish), might make people think that they've been handed a soft option. 1990 P. PULSFORD Lee's Ghost (BNC) 41 You must try to remember that some people are normal. Ish. 1991 J. O'C Cowboys & Indians (1992) 122 Frank asked if they were linked, romantically... Then he said yeah, he supposed they were, that was one way to put it, in a way. He paused. 'Ish,' he admitted. 'Vaguely.' 1995 C. BATEMAN Cycle of Violence vi. 94 'Trust Davie Morrow.' 'You know him?' 'Ish. He's a regular across the road.' 2002 N.Y. Times (National ed.) 5 Sept. D8/5 Mr. Langmead, speaking by telephone from London, hesitated. 'Ish,' he said, employing the international shorthand for slight hedge.

Source: OED

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