To live again

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We are encourage to know that when we have faith in Christ death is just the begining. For the life of faith will survive the shock of death, and whosoever liveth and believeth on Christ shall never die.

Faith is eternal life; death is only a momentary shadow upon a life which is far better. Heartaches and pain of this life oftentimes tears us apart but those who trust Christ are able to stand the pain all because He lives. Thanks be to God that there is a better place were joy will have no end and Sunday will be everyday. When things of this life gets hard we can fine a refuge in Jesus.

Martha and Mary were hurt by the death of their brother Lazarus but their faith was strong enough to know that he would be able to live again in Christ. Jesus says "{I am the resurrection and the life he that believeth in me thou he were died yet shall he live"} Jesus is the first begotten from the dead and He will be he resurrection for those that believe in Him.

Jesus is life and those that believe in Him will have eternal life How may we live again? Only through the life of Jesus the Christ.

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