Lessons for Witnessing

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Lessons for Witnessing, 3:1-11

By placing a lifelong crippled beggar at the temple gate, begging for help, He demonstrates the two essential principles for witnessing, and the promised results.

I.     Jesus works  through His disciples (v.1-5) – How he worked through Peter and John.

A.  Those who are faithful in prayer (v.1)

B.  Those who see the desperate need of people (v.2-3)

C.  Those who fasten their eyes upon the need of people (v.4)

D.  Those who reach out to meet the need (v.5)

The second principle is a statement of fact…

II.    Jesus is alive: His presence and power are still active upon earth (v.6-8) His presence and power..

A.  Are not found in silver and gold (v.6a)

B.  Are in Jesus' name (v.6b)See: DS2

C.  Are still at work, working miracles and meeting the needs of people (v.7-8)

Illustration: The cripple was healed (v.7); The cripple was changed—his whole being, attitude, and life (v.8)

III.   The results (v.9-11)

A.  The people saw the change (v.9-10)

B.  The people were attracted, wondering (v.11)

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