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Gospel of Mark: Kingdom Invasion

Week #1: Overview






his week, your assignment is to read the entire Gospel of Mark in one sitting (or no more than two or three). In Jesus’ first recorded discourse, he says:  “The time has come.  The kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the good news.” The kingdom of God is central to Jesus’ message, and yet today it is a phrase we seldom use and many of us would probably have a hard time defining the term.

  • How would you define the kingdom of God? Kingdoms generally require a king and a realm (a place or people to rule over). How does this apply to the kingdom of God?

  • Do you think this kingdom is present, here and now, or something in the future?  Is it both? Do you have any thoughts?

If you have a hard time answering these first two questions, it’s OK. You are not alone. The rest of our study questions will generally be easier than trying to define a sweeping term like “the kingdom of God.” 

As you read the Gospel of Mark in large chunks this week:

Ø      Try to see how the kingdom of God is described and played out.

Ø      Look for other major themes.

Ø      Try to catch the flow of the story and record impressions you have.

  • What stood out to you from reading the entire Gospel of Mark this week?


The following questions will be posted on-line for comments:

  • Do you have any idea what the kingdom of God is, or at least, some of its characteristics. Share your thoughts here . . . .

  • What stood out to you from reading the entire Gospel of Mark this week?

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