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Gospel of Mark: Kingdom Invasion

Week #5: Kingdom Advancing





esus’ authority becomes clear to those around him, and we witness differing responses to his growing popularity in this week’s passage. Pay attention to Jesus’ actions and words and see if you find evidence of the kingdom of God going on the offensive.

READ Mark 3:7 - 35


  • So far we have seen Jesus’ authority in his preaching, teaching, and healing. As the kingdom of God advances, what sort of effect do we see in 3:7-12?

  • In this chapter, we see Jesus calling and appointing the twelve apostles. What three things is he calling them to do?

§         In what sense is this action a contribution to advancing the kingdom of God?

  • As Jesus’ popularity increases, what is the response of his family (3:20-21)?

§         What is the response of the teachers of the law (3:22)?

  • In 3:23-25, how does Jesus refute the charge that “by the prince of demons he is driving out demons”?

  • The following questions are based on 3:27:

§         Who is the strong man?

§         Who is the robber?

§         Is this surprising?  Why or why not?

§         What does this tell us about the nature and posture of the kingdom of God (see also, Matthew 16:18)?

  • When we feel rejected by family members, what comfort do we find from Jesus in 3:31-35?


  • If Satan is not out to undermine his own kingdom, who does that leave to subvert this kingdom of darkness?

  • In what areas of our society does the Evil One have a stronghold today?

  • What might it look like for the kingdom of God to overcome the Evil One and rob his possessions?

  • If the kingdom of God is going to advance in your community, what will this require of you and other Christians?


The following questions will be posted on-line for comments:

  • What stood out to you about the differing responses to Jesus’ popularity (the crowds, the sick, the demon-possessed, his family, the teachers of the law)?

  • What stood out to you about this mini-parable of the strong man and the robber?

  • What might it look like for the kingdom of God to advance in your community today?

  • What personal application did you get from this lesson?

  • Do you have any other comments about this week’s passage and lesson?

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