The Word of God - Alive and Active

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We have a tremendous drive to make ourselves look good.

make up, facelifts, clothesbefore other people in our actionsbefore God God sees clearly who we really are.

motivationattitudesdrive The word of God leaves us naked before God.

Adam and Eveour discomfort at hearing a passage while involved in sin The word for "laid bare" shows the extent of this revealing.

It is a wrestler's word for seizing an opponent by the throat so he could not move. God takes hold of us.It is a word used for the flaying of animals, of removing their skin. God lays us open and removes every covering we would use to hide from He searching gaze.It is a word used for a dagger placed under a prisoner's neck so that he could not look down. God will not allow us to avert our eyes as He looks at us.As we have seen, sooner or later God's word will confront us so we cannot get away.

this is uncomfortableThis is why Bible reading and prayer fall off during times of sin. All of this drives us toward the necessity of a mediator and the mercy of God.

Heb. 4:14-16. Conclusion

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