From Glory to Glory

Notes & Transcripts


What happens to us when we get saved? What is really going own inside of us? We want to be glorified. We want to be somebody.

I. The Law Had Glory.

A. They could not look upon it (Moses).

B. Condemnation had glory.

C. It faded away.

II. The Spirit Has Glory

A. The lost cannot look upon it.

B. The ministry of the Spirit Has Glory.

C. It remains and does not fade away.

III. Our Salvation is a Transforming Process

A. The veil is removed by Christ.

1. The veil is our flesh.

2. It must be removed.

3. The mirror and puzzle pieces.

B. We are being transformed (No transformation no Glory.)

1. To His Image

2. Glory to Glory

a. Glory of condemnation fades away.

b. Glory of Spirit that Remains.

3. By the Spirit of God.

Conclusion: GLOW, GROW & GO

Develop a Relationship with Jesus.

Develop a relationship with Believers.

Develop a relationship with Lost People.

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