God's Grace & Mercy Pt. 1

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It is hard to speak of Gods grace without connecting His Mercy. For it is God's grace a loving aspect of God that speaks of His kindness/favor toward us regardless of our worth or position. It is God's grace that intervene in my times of sorry and disappointment, it is His grace that comforts me when I am down and dispondent, it is His grace that reached down one day picked me up turned me around, brushed me off, put food on my table, clothes on my back.....ect. I didn't desire any of it but the Lord's grace..... However, while I talk about His grace it seems as though mercy is always involved. It is His mercy that intervene in times of judgement. When I did wrong it was His mercy, when my life was in turmoil and disarray, I should have been gone along time ago but God's mercy and His grace......

!This text speaks of a time when God is going bring the remnants of His people back

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