Revelation 16

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θυμός (thymos)…. (wrath) a state of intense anger, with the implication of passionate outbursts—‘anger, fury, wrath, rage.

πονηρός (ponēros) (harmful)

κακός (kakos)….(painful)

ἔχω (echō):  (possess or hold on to)

σημεῖον (sēmeion)….(signs) visible sign, all could see

ArmageddonHebrew,Har,” a mountain, and “Megiddo” in Manasseh in Galilee, the scene of the overthrow of the Canaanite kings by God’s miraculous interposition under Deborah and Barak; the same as the great plain of Esdraelon. Josiah, too, as the ally of Babylon, was defeated and slain at Megiddo; and the mourning of the Jews at the time just before God shall interpose for them against all the nations confederate against Jerusalem, is compared to the mourning for Josiah at Megiddo. Megiddo comes from a root, gadad, “cut off,” and means slaughter. Compare Joe 3:2, 12, 14, where “the valley of Jehoshaphat” (meaning in Hebrew, “judgment of God”) is mentioned as the scene of God’s final vengeance on the God-opposing foe. Probably some great plain, antitypical to the valleys of Megiddo and Jehoshaphat, will be the scene.

Armageddon” (16:16). The location of Armageddon is uncertain, although many identify it with the valley in Galilee that lies below the fortified city of Megiddo. The name itself, however, may be symbolic, drawn from Heb. roots that might mean “Mountain of Attack,” or “Destroying Mountain,” or perhaps “Mount of Assembly” (of troops).

Note: The sixth outpouring of God’s wrath will dry up the Euphrates River, allowing “kings from the east” to march across and join God’s other enemies for battle against him at a place called Armageddon.

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