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Edward Williams

Theological Big Ideal: Jesus explains how salvation works.

Lesson Aim: Is to explain how to be born again.

Hook: How to be reborn again.

       I.      Nicodemus  a member of the Sanhedrin counselor and a Jew come seeking Jesus at nigh.(John 3:1-2)

a.       Nicodemus brought gifts(John 19:39)

b.      Nicodemus he is a ruler of the Jews

c.       Nicodemus understand that Jesus has been sent by God (John 2:11)

    II.      Jesus answered Nicodemus’s question.(john 3:3)

a.       The lord give you a new heart:(Ezek.36:26)

b.      The will place his spirit within you:(Ezek. 36:27)

c.       Now the kingdom of God requires for repentances.(Mark 1:15)

 III.      Now Jesus witness to Nicodemus.(John 3:4-8)

a.       We all need to be save because Adams.(Romans 5:12)

b.       There’s two things to do confess and believe.(Roman 10:9-10)

c.       However flesh and blood can not inherit the kingdom of God.(1Cor.15:50)

  IV.      Nicodemus ask how can these things be?(John 3:9)

a.       In the mind of Nicodemus these thing were impossible.

b.      But with man this is impossible; but not for God.(Matt.19:26)

     V.      Jesus answered him, art you a teacher, don’t you understand? (John 3:10)

a.       Then Jesus began to explain these verses.(11-15)

b.      How can they hear without a teacher.(Romans 10:14)

c.       And faith  is receive by hearing (Romans 10:17)

  VI.      Now God gave his only begotten son as a sacrifice (John 3:16)

a.       For God did not send his Son to condemn: but save that which is lost.(V.17)

b.      Jesus say every one that doeth evil is judge ;and hates the  light but love darkness’(v v18-19)

VII.      Jesus is that light that judges the world.(John 3:20)

a.       Also he that doth evil works will be reproved. (Eph.5:11)

b.      But he who kept the commandment.(John 14:15)

VIII.      Who so ever lives by truth comes to the light. (John 3:21)

a.       By this all will that you are my disciple.(John13:35)

b.      For God is our light; and he clean us from all our sins. (1John 1:6)

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