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Hope - Holiness - Harmony

1 Peter 1:22 - 2:3                                                             

The New Life in Christ

          You have been born      AGAIN           

          Life is more than the    DASH        

The Admonition to Love

          What it is

A Love that is willing to sacrifice for the benefit of others

A love that causes you to be long-suffering

A love that makes you treat others kindly

A love that rejoices in the success of others and weeps with them in their pain

A love that keeps you from boasting

A love that rejoices in the truth and in right things

A love that practices forgiveness and acceptance

          What it isn’t

              Malice - all kinds of evil.  More particularly, an active desire for ill-will

                  Deceit - in practicing wrong we become skillful in trying to trap people

                  Hypocrisy - to accomplish the ends we are looking for we are two-faced

                  Envy - being upset at someone else’s success

      Slander - our unchecked attitudes and emotions lead to running another person down

          Put it Aside

The Admonition to Grow

          Crave    Growth         like a baby craves      MILK         

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