Charles F. Boyd - How the Gospel Changes Everything; How Change Happens

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Jesus plus nothing = Gives us new life

Gal 3:19 - Die to the Law - In Galatians 5, Paul is developing further his understanding of how we are to live in the reality of the Gospel and how the Gospel shapes our lives. As we will see, at the heart of this life is a contrast between two ways of pursuing life: either "according to the flesh" or "according to the Spirit."

  1. You cannot defeat the sinful works of the flesh with righteous acts (works) of the flesh
    • Gal 5:16 and Gal 5:18 - Walk by the Spirit
        • "The gift of the Holy Spirit is received by the same faith that lays hold of Christ. The works, gifts, and fruit of the Holy Spirit belong to the very beginning of the Christian life. Thus the whole Christian life is lived in the Spirit." - Philip Graham Ryken
    • Gal 5:24 - If you live your life with dependence on the Spirit, everything else dies
        • Have crucified = past event (something I cooperated with)
    • Gal 5:25 - Summary statement of the application of the Book of Galatians
        • How? => Gal 2:20
            • Crucified with Christ
            • Christ who lives in me (Holy Spirit)
            • Live (by failth)
            • for me (Gospel)
        • Change happens exactly the way it originally happened
    • Gal 5:22 - Something the Spirit produces by faith and the Gospel
        • Reflect on how God treats you
        • Closer you get to Jesus, the further you get away from sin (as a byproduct)

POINT: Through the Spirit by faith brings change

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