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                          Edward Williams

Teaching outline

Big Idea: All believers should know how Joseph the cousin of Mark receive his name the  


Lesson Aim: Is to help the believer have a understanding who Joseph really is and how

a.       did he change his name?

    Hook    When using faith your faith you are chaining your name you become 

                  a servant like Joseph the Jewish Levite of Cyprus is known as Barnabas.

              I.           The Custom and Culture

a.       Peter and John  arrested  (Acts 4:1-4)

b.      Peter  and John face Jewish leader (4:5-12)

c.       The forbidden name (4:13-22)

           II.           The Times of Barnabas

a.       ADc100 Epistle of Barnabas

1.      Barnabas is Mark’s cousin (Col. 4:10)

2.      Mark who is John the son of mother is Mary ( Acts12:12)

3.      The three Mary are Mary of Jesus Christ (Mt. 27:56)

4.      Mary Lazarus sister (Jn.11:2,19)

b.      Barnabas’s courage

1.      The Positive Example of Joseph (Barnabas)

2.      Joseph’s nickname was Barnabas

3.      Son of a prophet

4.      Barnabas ( Joseph) the encourager Character was a giver (Acts 4:36)

c.        The Tragedy of Ananias and Sapphira

1.      The Negative Example of husband and wife

2.      This couple lied to God ( Acts 5:3-4)

3.      Paul spoke of people testing or pushing to God the limited (Mt.4:7)

         III.           How to avoid the pitfalls of life

a.       First you need a savior (John 3:16)

b.      Then you must confess your sins (Rom 10:9-10

c.       Know that if you believe in Jesus Christ your save (Jn.3:18)

d.      How ever must have a pray life that’s how you communicate to God

        IV.           Barnabas a man that followed the Apostle’s

a.       Barnabas gave what he had (Acts 4:34-37)

b.      Abraham was a follower he offer Isaac his son (Gen.22:2)

c.       The example is to become servant of God (Luke 16:13)

d.      Barnabas courage is in all of us


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