Jesus' Glorious Return

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Revelation 1:4-7 & 19:1-16


            Revelation chapters four through eighteen (4-18) deal primarily with the events of the Great Tribulation.  In chapter nineteen (19), the text begins speaking of Heaven and the Second Coming.  For the saints and the angels it is a time of great rejoicing!


I.                    The Lord Jesus Is Coming Again!


A.    This is not speculation but fact

1.      His ultimate victory was foretold before His birth

2.      Jesus promised He would return and has given signs to watch for

B.     He only went away to prepare a place for us


II.                 This Coming Will Be Drastically Different


A.    Not in humility but in majesty

B.     Not to die but to reclaim what is His

1.      The physical universe

2.      The souls of saved men

C.    Not to hang on a cross but to sit on a throne

D.    Not offering mercy but to pronounce judgment

1.      All His patience exhausted

2.      Mercy refused brings death

3.      He will not shrink from judgment


III.               His Coming Will Be Seen By All


A.    “Every eye shall see Him, every knee shall bow”

1.      Both the living and the dead

2.      Sorrow for the majority

B.     He will not return alone

1.      The saved will have been caught away before this day

Ten thousand thousands will return with Him

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