Fine Tuning Our Prayer Life

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Fine Tuning our Prayer life


SCRIPTURE: James 4:1–3


Start sermon in entry and act as late for service

Try prayer on the run then ask God can you her me now? No?

Try prayer looking for that perfect scripture ask God

Maybe the building is the problem try to get as high as I can

Ask God

Come down to the steps exhausted and kneel and start to pray


I.  Check connection

            Connection problem 1:

            Software conflicts

                    Music programs



    Each program desires the attention of the computer in the phone. It is almost like they arguing and fighting.

            Humanware conflicts

             Its your/our Desire (v. 1). Lusting after worldly things produces shameful acts such as wars and fighting even among members of the church.

    Wars,        Battles, these are conflicts that involve words. These are selfish passions

            Connection problem 2:

            The blue screen


            Some times the conflict is so bad that the system needs to be shut down.


     Its Disappointment (v. 2). Lust after things does not satisfy. In spite of all the striving, lust is a substitute for the gifts God desires us to have.

        Connection problem 3:

        The Virus (v. 3). We ask but do not receive. The wrong attitude, affections, appetites, and ambitions will spoil one’s prayer life.

Wrong motives, illness, sickness

CONCLUSION: Prayer must be uttered with the right motive. It must be made with a good spirit and good intentions. Effective and efficient prayer is according to God’s Word, will, way, and wisdom. We must be on guard lest we ask amiss.

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