The Mind of Christ

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The Mind of Christ

I.                   The mind of humility

a.       He was willing to give up a high position-“in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God.”

b.      He was willing to take up a low position-“made Himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant.”

c.       He gave up power-He gave up the power of God, choosing to set it aside.

d.      He took up weakness-“in fashion as a man…” Imagine God taking a human body, with all the weakness that goes along with it.

II.                The mind of sacrifice

a.       He was willing to die-He paid the ultimate price for us. How much more should we be willing to give sacrifices for Him?

b.      He was willing to suffer-Every step up Calvary was a step of love. Every thorn in His forehead was a drop of love. Every lash of the whip he was saying, “This is how much I love you.” Every blow from a Roman fist was His love letter to you. He didn’t have to be there. He didn’t have to die that way. He chose that way. He chose the nails, the whip, the beating, and the thorns. He chose the cross for you.

III.             The mind of glory

a.       He will receive glory-One day he will receive the glory that is His due. He will again be in the position of God and every knee shall bow.

b.      He will give glory-But notice what he does with the glory. He does not keep it, or bask in well earned glory. He gives it to God. He returns the glory to His father.

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