Final Hours

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Lent is drawing to a close. Ten days from now we will be in the midst of Holy Week, recalling the events of the last few days and final hours of Jesus’ human life.

Perhaps some of us feel a little bit like the children of Israel, our patience worn out by our Lenten journeys, tempted, like them, to grumble and complain; if we are fasting and/or abstaining, tempted to feel or say: "We are disgusted with this wretched food!"

So, now is a time to renew, re-affirm, and strengthen our commitment to being with Jesus as he makes his way to Calvary.

Let us prayerfully try to re-commit ourselves to whatever it is we have resolved to do this Lent.

It is time to listen and to hear for God’s direction that he gives us through his Son. 

The unity between Jesus and God is a unity of love. 

The goal that we all should have in this life would be to have that same relationship with Jesus. 

This is God’s dream for us. 

For if we are like Jesus we are like God. 

 What an awesome thought.


 Our first step is to be obedient and to surrender to God’s will. 

The second step to pay attention to Jesus as we walk with him to Calvary.

That is what the last few weeks of Lent are all about. 

Now is the time to start following our leader.

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