The Need For A Refreshing

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Philippians 1:27—2:4


            What is it that makes a person a good citizen?  Is it that he obeys the law, votes, pays his taxes, rises when the anthem is played, and is willing to serve in time of war?  By these criteria we judge our citizenship and that of others. But what if our American citizenship were based on trust rather than law?  Would we willingly serve in times of national emergency?  Pay equitable taxes? 

            Membership in the family of God also has its requirements.  These requirements are not guaranteed by law but by the trust God has placed in us.  Paul summed up the qualities of Christian service in verses 27 through 30.  


I.                   Conduct Worthy of the Gospel of Christ


A.  Not just good personal behavior but participation in the

      ministry of the Church (Phil. 2:1-4)

B.     Standing fast in the Spirit

C.     Opposing the evil one

D.     Willing even to suffer for His sake


II.                We Need A Refreshing


A.    For the world’s sake

1.      Our society is increasingly hedonistic

2.      The lost are hungry for meaning and the Church is guilty of compromise.  Lost people need the Church to be the Church!

B.     For the Church’s sake it is needed

1.      There are troublesome times ahead

2.      The temptation for further compromise may destroy the ministry of the Church


III.  How We Receive Refreshing


A.     Return to God

1.      He is right where He has always been

2.      Too bad that the majority try everything else first

B.     Put aside erroneous beliefs

1.      That revival occurs spontaneously

2.      That an individual can give it to us


III.             What Will Revival Cost?


A.    Cost to the individual and the Church

1.      Sacrifice, labor, prayer, praise, and tears

2.      Confession and commitment

B.     Less than waiting until later

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