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Outline of Amos


  • He was a Judean shepherd (from Tekoa) with a strong message for Israel who had pagan temples at Bethel
  • He traveled to Bethel, preached his message and then returned home
  • Uzziah was King of Judah (792-740 BC)
  • Jereboam was king of Israel (792-753 BC)
  • They formed an alliance together
  • 2-3 years after the message given, Jereboam died
  • Within space of 30 years, Assyria conquered Israel

Theme: God’s concern for justice

  • Jereboam brought prosperity to Israel and new wealth to the upper class. They used their wealth to enlarge their lands and build great houses for themselves
  • They violated the rights of the poor, and threw many off their ancestral lands
  • This was injust
  • Amos called on the leaders of Israel to repent/reform
  • If no repentance for their injustice against the poor and weak, God would destroy the nation

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