Left Behind Settlement Brings End to 9

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Settlement Brings End to 9-Year 'Left Behind' Dispute

The Christian Post reports that a legal dispute between the "Left Behind" film series and the series authors has finally ended after almost a decade. Co-author Timothy LaHaye sued filmmaker Cloud Ten Pictures and co-producer Namesake Entertainment after the first three films' video release in 2000, claiming the producers skimped on film quality and breached contract. The authors were also frustrated by the film's video release and distribution through mainly Christian venues, saying they hoped to reach a wider audience. "We are thrilled to finally have this behind us," announced André van Heerden, CEO of Cloud Ten Pictures Inc. "While we received repeated judgments from the Courts that validated our rights, we were unable until now to finally put this lawsuit behind us."

[Crosswalk Religion Today Summaries – August 18, 2008

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