Winning over Worry

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Winning Over Worry (Matthew 6:25-34)

Have you ever kept a worry log? It would be interesting to note for seven days everything about which you worry. One thing would quickly appear. Most human worries center around what we will eat, or drink, or put on. Jesus does not intend that His people be overcome with such worries.

You can stop worrying about life's lower anxieties when you give yourself to life's greatest concern, the kingdom of God.

I. Stop Worrying About the Secular Trinity (6:25-32)

What you eat, drink, or put on.

A. Heed the command—do not be distracted about the basics of life.

B. Analyze the argument—God's greater gifts always include the lesser. Look at the birds—worry is unnecessary.

Look at yourself—worry is unavailing.

Look at the flowers—worry is unbecoming.

II. Stop Worrying About Future Uncertainty (6:34)

You can master the demons of worry if you confine them to today.

When is what you worry about going to happen? Almost always tomorrow.

This philosophy of life worked for Jesus. Humanly speaking, He had more about which to worry than anyone in history, yet He walked without worry.

III. Stop Worrying by Substituting the Great Concern Above All Others (6:33)

This is a command, not an option.

This is a continual way of life for the Christian, a habit.

The substitution of greater concern excludes the lesser concerns.

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