Mary's Song

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Mary's Song (Luke 1:46-56)

On the surface Mary's song does not seem to be a revolutionary document. Yet one called her song "the most revolutionary document in the world." Mary sings of a revolution as quiet as it is certain, as inward as it is radical, as spiritual as it is durable.

You can experience that revolution in your life.

I. Mary Sings of a Revolution in the Fulfilment of Scripture

Mary's song answers the cry of expectant womanhood.

Mary's song answers the cry of the oppressed.

Mary's song answers the cry of those who believe even though they do not understand.

Mary's song reminds us that the God who did remember His promise is the God who will remember His promise.

II. Mary Sings of a Spiritual Revolution

React to what God is doing in your life.




Reflect on what God is doing.

In the past.

In the future.

Relate God to yourself in Mary's song.

III. Mary Sings of a Revolution in the Direction of History

Paradox of the proud—God uses those of low estate, but scatters the proud.

Paradox of the powerful—He puts down potentates from their thrones.

Paradox of privilege—Those who are full, He dismisses. Those who are empty, He fills.


Weigh the devotion of Mary against your own private devotion this Christmas.

Reflect on the impact of Christ in today's world of the proud and powerful.

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