03(Lev 13-14)Sins of Leprosy

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Read Leviticus 13:1-8.

§  Not just Hansen’s Disease; used of other contagious skin diseases.

§  These diseases not just dangerous to individual, but to everybody.

§  Isolated 7 days – examined – isolated another 7 days – examined.

There is a counterpart in our spiritual lives.

§  There are infectious diseases of the spirit: hurtful attitudes, burning resentments, feelings of anger, grudges we carry in our hearts toward another.

§  These also need to be detected because they are very dangerous – not just to us but also to everybody.

§  They need to be exposed to a priest – who is the priest in the NT? All believers.

§  This is part of the ministry of believers one to another. James 5:16

§  Why present ourselves to one another? We are blind to ourselves. (I am nice, genteel person! I find myself blind to my own failings.)

§  We rarely detect these things ourselves. That is why we need each other.

§  The biggest mark of leprosy was that it could spread. So too, our attitudes, etc.

Read 14:1-7

§  The priest goes outside the camp to see if the leper is healed.

§  Someone is commanded to bring the items of ceremonial cleansing.

§  Water – purification.

Psalm 51

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