09(1Sam 17) How to Have the Heart of a Champion

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Gideon – how to have

The Heart Of A Champion.

1st Samuel 17 – the most famous battle of the OT, not between two armies but between two people. One, the champion of the world; the other the champion of God.

Familiar story

Show you that anyone of any age can be a champion.

Don’t need great skills, or great tools, just the heart.

(Overview 17:2-4).

                Goliath taunts: challenges one-one combat, winner take all.

                No one accepts the challenge: David takes bread – agrees to fight.

Clue: 1 Samuel 16:7

FACT: You are being challenged right now to serve and stand for Christ.

I.    Our Giant Challenge.

What makes someone or something a giant? Anything too big for you to handle.

1.     It is enough that it is a giant to you.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or ignores.

2.     God issues the challenge!

Not the temptation – but the challenge.

Jesse sent David to feed his brothers; God sent David to save them.

II.  Reaction of the Crowd.

1.     Saul – protecting his status. (17:25)

Religious leadership

Why are there no altar calls at pastor conferences.

Why are there no moves at invitation.

2.     Soldiers – pretending to serve (17:20-23)

All dressed up for battle

File in formations

Shout the war cry

And freeze when the challenge is issued.

III. Response of a Champion.

1.     Senses the call. (27-29)

Conviction – not only for the sinner.

2.     Surrenders his will (32).

        Gut check!

3.     Steps forward! (40).

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